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Bare Floor Tool

Crevice Tool

Dust Brush



Upholstery Tool



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Elbow Miele Hose m# S314i


Hose Beam Direct Connect 35'


Hose Beam G2 EZ Grip 30'


Hose Beam G2 EZ Grip 35'


Hose Compact/Patriot Electric


Hose Dyson Upright DC33


Hose Dyson Upright DC40/DC41/DC65/UP13


Hose Electrolux Canister EL6988E


Hose Extension Universal


Hose Hoover Canister Duros


Hose Hoover S/V M# FH50150


Hose Hoover S/V Max Extract


Hose Miele Canister Electric S5980


Hose Miele Canister Non-electric S2XXX Series


Hose Miele Canister Non-electric S400I


Hose Miele Canister Non-electric SCAE0


Hose Royal SR30015


Hose Simplicity Electric S24


Pad Oreck Black


Pad Oreck Brown Strip


Pad Oreck Versa Vac Kit


Tool Beam 2G Bare Floor Brush


Tool Beam 2G Dust Brush/Crevice


Tool Beam Sumo Bare Floor Brush Button Lock


Tool Eureka Upholstery The Boss


Tool Filter Queen Upholstery Autolock


Tool Filter Queen Upholstery Nozzle


Tool Hoover S/V Upholstery


Tool Miele AllTeQ SBD 285-3


Wand Beam Alliance Telescopic


Wand Cen-Tec Lower W/Cord 18DX


Wand Electrolux Epic 6500/Gaurdian/Renaissance


Wand Kirby G4


Wand Miele Canister Electric


Wand Miele Canister Non-electric


Wand Miele Upright


Adapter Beam DD/Round